Letter Jackets

Students who achieve certain criteria are eligible to receive a school letter that can be displayed on a letter jacket. They may letter in a variety of areas including academics, athletics and activities.

The first time a student letters in athletics they receive an orange chenille letter “L,” a gold bar for lettering, and a gold emblem for their sport. They can only receive the “L” once. The next time they letter in a sport, academics or activity, they will get a gold bar and the corresponding emblem.

Students who are honored as All Conference 1st Team receive a blue star, and there are other pins for league championships and placing at State.

The cost of a jacket is approximately $200-300, as they are customized with the student’s last name, graduation year, and activities. The jackets take anywhere from two- to six-weeks to order, so plan ahead if you are looking to do this as a gift. Here are some local stores to shop for letter jackets: