Concussion Management

concussionLakewood High School has a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to managing concussions that may occur during sporting activities.

Our number one priority is maintaining the health and long term well-being of the student athletes.

In treating concussions, Jefferson County is compliant with Colorado State Senate Bill 11-040, Jefferson County Public School’s Concussion Management Protocols, and Best Practice Concussion Management.

Lakewood also follows CHSAA’s rules for concussions.

CHSAA law states that after an athlete sustains a concussion or concussion-like event,     they must see a medical doctor.

Before an athlete can return to playing sports they need to have written clearance from      a medical provider and complete a return to play protocol with the athletic trainer.

Having your child suffer a concussion, no matter the severity, can be frightening and frustrating. Please read the materials provided below to ease such worries.

Concussion Letter to Parents

Concussion Sheet for Parents