Multiple Teams · Football Will Start Aug. 6, 2018 – Other Fall Sports May Follow Suit

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Football Will Start Aug. 6, 2018; Other Fall Sports May Follow Suit

Dear Parents of Fall Sports Athletes:

We have been notified by CHSAA that the 2018 high school football season will begin on Monday, August 6th, rather than Monday, August 13th, as was originally published. CHSAA is also considering making that change for all 2018 Fall Sports.

The reason for the football season change is CHSAA voted to adjust the football playoffs, which is extending the season by one week. During the 2017 football season there were 10 weeks of regular season play, with 16 teams in the playoffs. The 2018 season will continue with 10 weeks of regular games, but the number of playoff teams is being expanded to 24, and the top eight-ranked teams will get a bye the first week of playoffs. This new format will be valid for the next two-year cycle, covering the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

This means if your athlete is planning to play football, they must be registered and at practice on Monday, Aug. 6. We have not yet set the dates for our camp, nor the week-long break, but those will probably happen mid-July through Aug. 3. Hopefully you can adjust your vacation plans accordingly, and preferably at the beginning of summer. We understand that you may have already made vacation plans that can’t be changed, and we will need to work around those circumstances. There will be a football meeting in May to discuss summer conditioning, which will start in June, the camp and more.

Additionally, CHSAA is considering moving up the start date for all 2018 Fall sports to Aug. 6th, rather than August 13th.  This applies to Boys Soccer, Boys Tennis, Softball, Cross Country, Volleyball and Gymnastics. Boys Golf has traditionally started a week earlier, so they will start Aug. 6, too. Lakewood’s first day of school will be Thursday, August 16th, so this means all sports could be starting 10 days before school starts, and even earlier considering many sports hold camps the week before tryouts, July 30-Aug. 4, 2018. CHSAA will be voting on this change in late April. So, please be prepared. We will notify you as soon as possible as to whether or not the new start date is approved.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Mike Hughes, Athletic Director/Assistant Principal

Jeff Braun, Head Football Coach