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Multiple Teams · Cross Country Overview

Cross Country is a CHSAA 5A Fall sport and is comprised of a Girls Cross Country team and Boys Cross Country team at competitions. However, the teams practice together and share the same coaching staff.

Runners of all levels and abilities are encouraged to join the teams. At LHS, we only have  Varsity level teams. While there is no official Junior Varsity team, runners are grouped based on their ability and stamina, and assigned to meets based on this and other criteria.Therefore, team members may not always participate in every meet. Check with your coach the day before a meet to confirm whether or not you are expected to compete.

Runners are highly encouraged to participate in off-season winter and summer running, as well as consider joining the Track Team in the Spring. In addition, once the fall season officially starts, runners are expected to practice every afternoon after school (Mon-Fri) and attend meets as assigned, and to keep their grades up for eligibility.

Runners are eligible to receive an Athletic Letter based on points earned throughout the season and at the coach’s discretion.

CHSAA rules require schools to run weekly eligibility reports and any athlete with two “F-failing” grades will not participate in any meet the following week, unless they are able to show they have improved one of their grades to passing. They are still expected to practice.

Coach: John Mikesell, John.Mikesell@jeffco.k12.co.us

Coach: Kyle Gillette, Kyle.Gillette@jeffco.k12.co.us