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Multiple Teams · Wrestling Overview

Wrestling is a CHSAA 5A Winter sport. At LHS there are two teams – Varsity and Junior Varsity. Athletes who have never wrestled are encouraged to sign-up, as this is a sport that not many have participated in prior to high school. Our coaches are more than happy to instruct wrestlers on techniques and moves. The team also hosts off-season practices and conditioning throughout the year.

Varsity level wrestlers are eligible to receive an athletic letter based on performance criteria and coach’s discretion.

There is typically a wrestling camp prior to the start of the season. Athletes are expected to participate in required practices every day after school (M-F) during the season, and in wrestling meets which are scheduled for week nights, as well as many Saturdays.

Wrestlers are also subject to CHSAA’s eligibility regulations.CHSAA requires schools to run weekly eligibility reports and any athlete with two “F-failing” class grades will not ski in a meet the following week, but they are still expected to practice. Anyone with an “F-Fail” final class grade may be subject to eligibility restrictions.